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Progress Partner

Susan Walker

Susan has 20+ years' experience as a corporate and higher education career counselor. Her genuine curiosity about people, keen intuition, and well-honed technical skills have served early-stage professionals, entrepreneurs, aspiring artists, and seasoned executives in successful pursuit of their goals. Susan is a certified co-active coach and administrator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator © (MBTI) whose passion is partnering with individuals to claim their dreams. 

Specialties: Career & Performance and Entrepreneurial & Business Coaching



Amiel Landor

As a trained clairvoyant with an M.A. in Holistic Psychology, Amiel brings vision, compassion, and humor to help you engage with your own spirit and soul. She says hello to your authentic center and then guides you to access that ever-present well of wisdom. She has over 15 years of spiritual life coaching, helping people world wide become attuned with their core self. From this place of self-connection, miracles happen! 

Amiel lives internationally and conducts coaching via phone/video.

Specialties: Life & Energy, Mindfulness & Personal Growth, and Health & Wellness Coaching

Amiel is extremely dynamic and tuned-in! She has deep wisdom, a ton of compassion, and a great sense of humor. I always feel like we get to the real meat of the matter, the blindspot that has been eluding me, during our sessions. She nails it every time, and I leave with clear, practical next steps so I can move forward gracefully. Thank you Amiel for being such a great ally over the years!

-Dr. Suzanne Schiller, Los Angeles, CA

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Eric Noel

Did you know that you have all the answers inside you? Eric has a vision for the future and a passion for guiding people to access their deep reservoirs of talent and abilities. He knows and believes that everyone can decide and become the grand vision they have of themselves. 

In this fast changing world Eric draws from his experience in professional motorsports and diversified agriculture to guide you to listen to your intuition and nature to make the right decisions for you and your business.   

Specialties: Life Transition & Change Coaching


Kathryn Hansel

Kathryn believes in a “wholistic” approach that emphasizes how we think, believe and feel is where we begin to tap into our potential energy, motivation and clarity.  As a licensed clinical counselor for 15 years and personal trainer, Kathryn’s work centers on the importance of the mind/body connection to our wellness. She collaborates with clients proactively to explore a stronger mindset; elevating healthy habits and daily lifestyle. 

Specialties: Health & Wellness Coaching


Deb Shannon

Organizations thrive when the individuals within them take responsibility for themselves and their futures. Deb develops relationships that bring courage to the mission of naming, cultivating and discovering a vision of the future, while engaging fully in the present.  In groups small and large, she inspires individuals to jump into the process and grow in ways that ultimately improve company culture, processes and reward.

Specialties: Career & Performance and Entrepreneurial & Business Coaching 

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Lisa Buell

Lisa partners with people who are called to explore, define and maximize their unique expression and contribution. For over 15 years, and using a systems approach, she has helped her clients increase their visionary capacity and identify the structures that will support the successful realization of those visions.

Specialties: Life & Energy, Health & Wellness, and Entrepreneurial & Business Coaching.



Arnie Kozak

Long before mindfulness was a buzzword, Arnie was practicing and teaching this transformational technology. Arnie is dedicated to translating the Buddha's teachings into readily accessible forms. In the long winters of Northern Vermont when he's not working, he rides the frozen slopes on his snowboard. During the short summers, he golfs. During all seasons, you can find him trail running with his dogs in the foothills of the Green Mountains.

Specialties: Mindfulness & Personal Growth Coaching


TRansitions Maven 

Debby Bergh

Debby partners with individuals and organizations to increase their capacity to define and create their futures.   As a coach, consultant, facilitator and trainer, she has worked with over 100 organizations and 50 individuals.

Specialties: Life Transition & Change, and Entrepreneurial & Business Coaching



Marie Frohlich

Marie has been a champion for vitality and balance in the workplace AND at home for over 15 years – as a certified health coach, she specializes in self-care and reducing stress, using a holistic and experiential approach to engage and inspire through speaking, individual coaching, group workshops, interactive worksite presentations, and organizational retreats.

Her byline is “Co-creating Health from the Heart.” Marie is also an Herbalist and is principal owner of Taproot Herbals which provides products for self-care and stress reduction.

Specialties: Life & Energy and Health & Wellness Coaching

“Marie’s presentations at BCBSVT draw a crowd like no other! Our employees come out in droves to hear Marie’s tips and tricks on healthy eating, and she’s truly built a reputation with them. They always enjoy her homemade samples, and leave with recipes to continue their healthy cooking on their own time. And, she’s super easygoing and easy to work with!”

- A. Cunningham, BCBS

“Not only is Marie a wealth of knowledge about food as medicine and herbal remedies, she is a truly gifted healer. She is calm and profoundly caring. She wants to know you and asks fantastic questions that lead to truly insightful work. When you live in a world of disconnected health care providers who are never fully present and ultimately not that interested in you, Marie’s total commitment to connecting the emotional, physical, social, spiritual dots that make up who you are is profound and actually a huge sigh of relief. She listens. She intuits. She translates and she communicates, all at a very high level. She is a natural healer. I highly recommend Marie to anyone who knows that achieving true health has everything to do with how we identify and manage stress but also who we put our trust in to helping us heal”.

-Kimberly Hackett, Parent Coach



Laura Lind-Blum

Laura works with innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial folks who feel compelled to create something original – to solve a problem, improve a system, launch a project, seize an opportunity, and make a truly unique contribution -- and are challenged in bringing their ideas forward in a tangible way. Bringing ideas into the world takes courage, perseverance, practical strategies, and lots of imagination. Laura expertly draws out these qualities in her clients, supporting them to be fearless, brilliant, willing, and deeply authentic as they bring their ideas to life.

Specialties: Career & Performance, Life Transition & Change, and Entrepreneurial & Business Coaching

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Jan Bouch

Jan is passionate about building community, being present, creating options, confronting assumptions, life-long learning, sharing insights, and being generous with her heart and mind. She believes that it is ok to struggle, ok to feel disenfranchised, ok to feel misjudged and that we are all capable of change and growth. Jan focuses her efforts on helping to support members of the justice system by working with them to bring the highest performance decision-making, leadership, and performance.