Life Transition & Change Coaching

To be human is to be subject to change. Harvard Business Review says that the two most essential factors in successful change are: Clarity of vision and Support. Partnering with a Coach helps you get clear and create the support needed for wholeful transitions.

Are these some of the Pain Points you are experiencing?

  • "After 18 years of marriage I find myself negotiating life without my spouse".
  • "How do I take care of my aging parents while nurturing my own family"?

    What are the possibilities with Coaching?

    • Confident to experiment and recreate life.
    • A strong commitment to self makes it possible to serve generously.

      Debby Bergh   Transitions Maven

      Debby partners with individuals and organizations to increase their capacity to define and create their futures.   As a coach, consultant, facilitator and trainer, she has worked with over 100 organizations and 50 individuals.


      Eric Noel   Mind Mechanic

      Did you know that you have all the answers inside you? Eric has a vision for the future and a passion for guiding people to access their deep reservoirs of talent and abilities. He knows and believes that everyone can decide and become the grand vision they have of themselves. 

      In this fast changing world Eric draws from his experience in professional motorsports and diversified agriculture to guide you to listen to your intuition and nature to make the right decisions for you and your business.   


      Laura Lind-Blum   Idea Midwife

      Laura works with innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial folks who feel compelled to create something original – to solve a problem, improve a system, launch a project, seize an opportunity, and make a truly unique contribution -- and are challenged in bringing their ideas forward in a tangible way. Bringing ideas into the world takes courage, perseverance, practical strategies, and lots of imagination. Laura expertly draws out these qualities in her clients, supporting them to be fearless, brilliant, willing, and deeply authentic as they bring their ideas to life.


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